Php include relative path

You could always include it using __DIR__ : include (dirname(__DIR__). In this case, as we need to ascend a . Remember that include () just inserts code into the currently running script. That is, does it matter which file the include is called from.

If I want to include another file inside footer. I must do it relative to the index.

First a note about the relative path vs. The relative path points to a file or directory in relation to where the present file is located. Then the script will look for the file foo. If you have an include in your index.

Use ini_set function. Manually code the path. When I reference images, I almost always do something like this: That is a relative file path , but it begins at the root public directory of the site.

For example, if a filename begins with.

I was knocking together some unit tests with PHPUnit, just to test . How do is specify the relative paths for include and require functions to access: a) header. I somewhere read that you need to specify some path in php. We need to include that file to get access to some of information about the company.

At the very top of the file below, before any of the HTML, include that company. Now, let’s see what happens when you use relative paths in PHP. Using relative paths is not wrong at all, but you should pay attention to some situations, especially when including a file that includes itself another file.

Let me show you an example. You can find out the location of your Current Working Directory by running the command echo getcwd(). I also use php include () for the navigation where my problem starts.

With a small site and no sub-directories I can use a relative path and preview the whole site locally using the testing server, but with directories and sub-directories, I have to use an absolute path to get the links working, but then I can’t . Include file relative to the current directory. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX . PHP which includes file C. Relative to the Current Working Directory – File .