Lodige mixer

Mixing is a basic operation process in the chemical engineering technology. Batch mixers operate on the hurling and whirling principle introduced by Lödige to mixing technology. Lödige Ploughshare Mixers are used in almost every branch of industry for all types of applications.

Especially designed mixing shovels and a special mixing room design ensure an economically justifiable . In cooperation with AC Serendip Ltd.

Lödige developed a concept comprising a horizontal mixer including flanged homogenizer and optimally combines practiceproven principles. This concept based on systematic analysis of all process parameters and specific design of each component can be used for nearly all possible . Manufactured under license from Geruder Lodige, GmbH. Lodige mixers are available from Geruder Lodige, GmbH, Elsenser Strasse, . Lödige is offering a large variety of mixing systems for industrial applications. For these applications dynamic compulsory mixers are used exclusively.

Both horizontal mixers and vertical systems are available.

In the first case the mixing shaft and the tools are horizontally installe thus achieving, at corresponding movement . Ploughshare mixers from Lödige are used for both batch and continuous mixing processes. The strength of Lödige is that everything comes from one source: the concept, the engineering and the production of the mixer is entirely managed at . Centriflow disc mixer is available from J. The Forberg mixer was manufactured by Halvor Forberg A. It is no longer being manufactured. Lodige Mixer available from Geruber Lodige, GmbH,. Powder mixing in rotary device Two types of mixer have been given some scrutiny, together with studies in rotary horizontal cylinders, and work is about to start on a further mixer type. However, the most detailed studies have been carried out on a small Lodige powder mixer (Figure 1).

The powder in the mixer is a . Tablet Coater type BLC Bectochem Loedige BLC Coaters manufactured under technology transfer from Lödige , Germany are used for processing different shapes of tablets, capsules and pellets. Highest quality mixes in short mixing times. Gentle treatment of the product.

Reliable reproducibility of the mix quality. Combined processes in one single machine. Low maintenance design.

Easy accessibility to all inside parts of the mixer. Machine Type The Batch Mixer operates on the hurling and . In recent years, substantial progress has been made in establishing algorithmic approaches to the systematic design and scale-up of solids mixers on the basis of. The basis of the robust system is the high circumferential speed of the mixing unit, which forces the product into a concentric ring layer. The company is the leading manufacturer of batch mixers which has applications in many industries including pharmaceutical, chemicals and building materials.

With the invention of the Ploughshare Mixer , Lödige created a mixing unit that can cover a wide range of different processing tasks. This unit forms the basis for numerous innovations in the area of mixing and processing technology. Business partners of the Lodige Industries Group. We perceive developing and maintaining reliable and long-lasting partnerships as a key to common success.

Material of construction: stainless steel contact parts. Jacketed 1litres, 1.