Japanese bartending

Japanese Bartending does still greatly influence bartenders in the Western hemisphere. An unparalleld attention to detail, sophisticated bar tools and shaking techniques are what we usually associate the Japanese art of bar with. Japanese bartenders have made a greater impact on the craft of bartending than you may realize.

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Except for a sign on the. In barely a minute, a raw chunk of ice is transformed into a jewel: an ice diamond carved with such precision that each facet catches the light and glistens like a precious gem. It is like the tea ceremony.

A process centered on perfecting seemingly mundane tasks, mastering the tea ceremony requires great precision, exemplifying the pursuit of perfection . Goto, for one, is careful to distinguish his venue from an authentic Japanese cocktail institution. Bar Goto is a New York bar with . Yet, few stop to ask what a Japanese cocktail bar really is and what exactly sets Japanese cocktail culture apart. Here is a brief history of how Japanese cocktail .

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Qualche drink e storie che scivolano via veloci. Could you summarise your career . Ingredients are meticulously source drinks are stirred just so, and ice cubes are perfectly square-cut (an as testament to a national pursuit of perfection, are also sold by the bag at 7-Elevens across the country). Digital smoke infusers. While Japan has developed a reputation for lovingly crafted cocktails, Takumi Watanabe making a Rum Martinez is poetry in motion.

Proprietor of Bar High Five in Tokyo, co-creator of the hand-carved ice diamond and possessor of an excellent Elvis quiff, Hidetsugo Ueno is nothing short of a legend. Bourgogne de Vigne en Verre. Nikka whiskey is now distilled in Yoichi and Miyagikyo.

They now have a couple of single malts, a couple of pure malts, four blended and two grain whisky styles. HARMONIOUS BARTENDING. Award winning Bar Manager Boris Ivan explores how the Japanese bar tending scene is shaping the global industry.

Western bartending has been for decades a blend of European and US styles and has developed in many ways.

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