Copeland scroll compressor catalogue

The components listed in this catalogue are not released for use with caustic, poisonous or flammable substances. ZFKQ for refrigeration applications. Stream semi- hermetic and the digital scroll compressor technology of today.

Based on this, we have. The Copeland Scroll compressor design has several inherent reliability. The answer is simple – their reliability, innovation and proven performance.

And with more than 1million installations, more than years of experience and nine scroll facilities around the worl Copeland Scroll is the right choice for the 13 . With reliable performance, superior efficiency, quiet operation, and diagnostic capability, Emerson Climate Technologies offers the most advanced scroll technology available to support your commercial air-conditioning needs. Les clients préfèrent utiliser le Copeland. Scroll models please refer to page in the catalogue. CoreSenseTM Diagnostics is now . Applied in the air conditioning and comfort industry for water chillers, rooftops and close control unit applications, scroll com- pressors are now.

Space age materials used in the compressor include: (1) Porous bronze. There is exceptionally low friction.

This also allows for extended operation without lubrication. Copeland refrigeration scroll compressors offer outstanding solutions for medium and high temperature applications. Scroll Kälteverdichter. Compresseurs Scroll Pour Réfrigération. Emerson, Copeland PerformanceAlert and Copeland Scroll are trademarks of Emerson Electric Co.

Reference Guide Is At ARI Rating Condition. Multiply ARI Capacity And EER Value By 1. Many factors influence system design, ranging from comfort needs of the conditioned space, regulatory requirements and approved refrigerants. Raising the technological bar is at the core of our business. Image of PROD-AC-P001-residential- compressors – brochure. These efforts have led to the production of the most advanced scroll compressor design currently.

Copeland has ever developed for air conditioning, refrigeration and heat pump. The model numbers of Copeland Scroll compressors have been designed to include a coded nominal capacity at ARI. The purpose of these application guidelines is to provide guidance in the application of Copeland.

They are intended to answer the questions raised while designing, assembling and operating a system with these products. Besides the support they provide, the instructions listed .