Roto peeler

A versatile kitchen peeler with three interchangeable blades for different peeling techniques. The tough, ultra-sharp stainless steel blades mean this vegetable peeler can tackle a whole range of vegetables, . Plus de 4magasins GiFi proches de vous. The 3-in-Roto -Peel peeler is as tough as it looks. It comes with three blades: a serrated blade for soft fruits and vegetables, a julienne blade for garnishing dishes and to get those perfect julienne strips from firm fruits and vegetables, and a peeler blade that removes the skin from any fruit or vegetable effortlessly – it even .

Livraison rapide et économies garanties ! Comes with interchangeable blade easily accessible by just rotating the head. A innovative peeler design. You can turn to selection for the blade. And it can also easy peel orange peel and even hard cheese.

Peeling vegetables, potato. Cyclone knife head are very sharp,in the use and cleaning must be very careful.

The rotary or ferris wheel type peeler consists of a perforated drum equipped with angular vanes around the periphery. The lower portions of the drum assembly are surrounded by a shell-like container or . Sharp stainless steel blades. Wavy blade for the perfect julienned vegetables.

Chipping blade is perfect for hard vegetables like carrots, potatoes and butternut. See Radio frequency heating Rock lobster, 46–Rotary can valves, 2Rotary drum screens, 1Rotary wheel type peeler. See Ferris wheel type peeler Rotating batch retorts, 245–2Rotating circular type screens, 1Roto -screw peeler , 193–1Rule of thumb, S Sales plan, Salmonella, 1Sanitary aseptic . Loop sections of Ekstrafiyat. Multifunction 3Degree Rotary Potato Peeler Melon Gadget Vegetable Fruit turnip Slicer Cutter Carrot Kitchen Tools.

This is a multifunctional peeler with 3degree rotatable blades. Roto Peeler Soyacak with our loop control on for Musicians! It has kinds of blades which can grate food into different kinds of shape. SKU: QF-CLT133RotoPeeler5in1. Convex sides to peel fruit.

High quality stainless steel mat.

ROTO PEELER : HANDY HINTS Cabbage: Cut the cabbage in half, peel the outside leaves away, peel one way, or both ways, ALONG the EDGE, working your way across the edge as you go. Serrated blade is ideal for soft fruits and vegetables. Compare price, find stock availability, specs and coupon offers from all reliable online stores in India.