Dwm copeland compressor catalogue

This catalogue provides the basic technical information for the products made from our manufacturing facility in Shenyang, China. Oil pressure safety control. Annual Sales cross the US$ million mark.

All compressors are compatible with R404A, R50 R407C, R134a or Rrefrigerants. Copelametic compressor is released.

European and US safety standards. Semi-Hermetic compressors type D. These compressors are intended for installation in systems according to the EC Machines directive. They may be put to service only if they . Fast worldwide shipping. Doh, meant to say Deutsche Waffen und Munitionsfabriken instead of Deutsche Waffen und Munitions.

Discus and S-Series compressors.

The nameplate position for Service compressors is. This is offered for all major applications in refrige- ration and air conditioning for 50Hz operation. Source from Dongguan Famous Refrigerant Equipment Co. Combining the latest design improvements and newest technical developments, two . The components listed in this catalogue are not released for use with caustic, poisonous or flammable substances.

DWM Copeland for refrigeration. This product selection catalogue provides a survey of the semi- hermetic product range Copeland offers for all major applications. Mobile access to over years of Copeland compressor product information. This database includes both air conditioning and . Jan = A, Feb = B, … Dec = L).

The mutual nameplate on TWIN compressors only indicates the model and the year of manufacturing. All other details should be taken from the individual compressor nameplates. COMPRESSOR MECHANICAL AND PHYSICAL DATA. Ce catalogue de sélection propose une gamme complète de.

User interface language. Catalogue data language.

Language documentation. Refrigeration compressors must be used with Copeland approved refrigerants and refrigeration oils only. It is not allowed to run a test. Air or Water Cooled Compressors.