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Vendita e consulenza su chiller frigoriferi refrigeratori acqua industriali e pompe di calore per condizionamento. Cf Chiller Frigoriferi S. Informazioni sulla nostra azienda – NOLEGGIO CHILLER FRIGORIFERI. Soluzioni ideali anche per le piste da ghiaccio.

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Saonara su Paginebianche. Iscriviti subito a LinkedIn. ZCF – это серия высокоэффективных и надежных чиллеров для охлаждения воды. Чиллеры ZCF разработаны и идеально подходит для охлаждения технологических процессов и систем кондиционирования воздуха. Весь ассортимент комплектуется корпусом со степенью защиты IP5 подходящим для . Categorie merceologiche.

Your friend for cooling water. The company also offers rental chillers configuration as CF-SKID.

Both had worked at Director level in the Industry for many years for major Chiller Manufacturers in Italy. They were frustrated that the constraints of working for a large organisation meant that . Noleggio Gruppi frigoriferi, chiller frigorifero, pompe di calore, refrigerazione industriale. We reduced our bureaucracy in order to minimize the waiting time, both in the process of quoting and in delivery of the product. This site uses Cookies.

By continuing to browse our website, you are agreeing to the use of cookies in compliance with our Cookie policy. CONSIP per la fornitura di beni e servizi alla Pubblica Amministrazione. Our production facility is always open and available to assist with functional testing and performance of our cooling units, in line with our corporate philosophy that sees transparency as our first value to forge long and strong relationships with our partners. I dati economici riportati in questa tabella possono essere imprecisi. Per il noleggio di gruppi frigoriferi industriali, rivolgiti a Brenta Rent, esperti nel settore degli impianti di condizionamento.

The ZCM range of high specification, small process chillers has been introduced by C² Sales. The new single phase, air cooled water chillers from Chiller Frigoriferi are available in seven six models with cooling capacities ranging from 1. Import Genius is the leading competitive analysis tool for trade professionals looking to discover suppliers, product volume and industry trends of importers and distributors around the globe. Является ведущим в мире разработчиком разнообразных технологий и систем движения и управления. Inox BF Производитель оборудования для очистки сточных вод, конвейеров для загрузки макулатуры, оборудования для орошения Янки-цилиндров.

CF Chiller Frigoriferi.