Prionus coriarius

It is the most massive of European beetles. За своєю хорологічною приналежністю P. Лісова й лісостепова зони Європи, . Body length: – mm. Life cycle: at least years.

Adults in: July – September. Host plant: polyphagous in rotten wood of deciduous and coniferous trees. Distribution: forest areas of Europe, Turkey, Caucasus, Transcaucasia, Iran and North Africa . The Coleopterist 5(1): 25. Also called cerambycid , longicorn.

Type status: Other material. No other longhorn is this large and robust, and the antennae are especially thick. Si trova in ProVCInza 5.

Сцена на муравьиной охоте. Марина Мария Всеволодовна. Raccolgo di rado coleotteri, ma fu un attimo prima che il signorino qui presente destò la mia attenzione. Rinvenuto morente ai piedi di una quercia.

You do not have the required permissions to view the files attached to this post. Foto di Mologni Andrea Dopo un breve inseguimento (correva parecchio) sono riuscito a fotografarlo. JPG (18KiB) Visto 4volte. E lungo da quindici a diciotto linee. Cerambyx coriarius, L. Lungo sei pollici e mezzo.

To cite this Myers, P. Prionus: pictures (7). We are fairly certain we had a female tanner beetle fly into our kitchen one evening last week. What we have been unable to find out is how rare these beetles are and anything about their habitat and life style. We live in a rural area in Monmouthshire South Wales.

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