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Vessel name:……………………………………… Voyage number: ………………………………. Minimum documentary and import declaration requirements policy. Australian Government Department of Agriculture and Water Resources. It is only required for sea freight shipments.

Your supplier will need to fill out a packing declaration on their letterhead and send via . FCL LCL PACKING DECLARATION.

PROHIBITED PACKAGING MATERIAL STATEMENT. Tutti gli imballaggi in legno (compreso il dunnage) utilizzati per le spedizioni in Australia devono essere trattati e marchiati secondo lo Standard ISPM n. This must have the correct vessel name and voyage number of the shipment which . Have Prohibited packaging materials or bamboo products been used as packaging or dunnage in the consignment listed above? Australia packing declaration form, Australia Customs, ShippingQuest customs dept will handle your import and clearance. Please be advised that the Department of Agriculture and Water Resources ( DAWR ) have implemented new packing declaration formats for all containerised sea freight consignments arriving into Australia. Whilst the old format will be acceptable for a short time we strongly recommend that all suppliers be . DAFF (formerly Quarantine) have recently amended the packing declaration requirements for all seafreight, FCL and LCL imports into Australia.

Please download the new blank declaration from our web site and make sure you provide your supplier with the correct form for future shipments.

AUSTRALIAN QUARANTINE PACKING DECLARATION. Please fill out at least one of the following: Container Number: . On this basis, we advise that the revised format is passed on to all relevant shippers and suppliers, and introduced with immediate effect. With offices in all major ports of Australia and New Zealan DB Schenker is able to offer comprehensive Customs and Quarantine clearance for your import and export cargo. A valid packing declaration is required for ALL consignments.

A packing declaration may be provided as a separate document, or it may appear on packing lists, bills of lading, commercial invoices or preferential tariff certificates only. When packing declarations are presented on these documents they MUST still adhere to . CUSTOMS CLEARANCE DOCUMENTATTION REQUIREMENTS. Ocean Bill of Lading or Airway Bill of lading. Commercial invoices showing terms. Certificate of Origin – is required ref . If you can not find what you are looking for, please Contact ISS for further assistance . This is for the packing material used in shipping your goods, including any pallets it may be based on.

Packing Declarations. This form must be completed in english, be on. It is related to “ Prohibited packaging material statement” on packing declarations. The Department of agriculture and Water Resources (DAWR) has ruled that bamboo packaging will no longer be considered an unacceptable form of packaging.

Changes to the Suppliers packing declaration required for Imports. Non-Commodity Information Policy, Frequently Asked Questions and.

Who does this notice affect? Importers and Brokers importing cargo into Australia and require a documentary assessment during the process of clearance from the Department of Agriculture .