Moth mach 2

These guys just died and went to heaven but why? What more could you ask for! Nothing can stop a Mach2. Two metre swells and knots – no worries ! For a personal quote or . There is also a selection of support documents for the .

Single sail, single hull, single crew. Moth Class Specifications. No weight or material restrictions (typical hull 10kg, typical all up 30kg).

Ideal Crew weight: Big range from 50kg to 90kg due to advantages at. Number of Views: 282. Exocet standard rudder. New design small rocket main foil to fit a mach 2. Recorded and produced in.

It has been taken good care of, very well tune and fast. Foil tips have been cut slightly and faired similar to the new small foils. I have tuned the foils, linkages, wand mechanism, and ride height adjuster . THE WASZP AT A GLANCE.

Questa sezione è ancora vuota. This regatta was notable for the caliber of the competitors it attracte including many full-time professionals, Olympic . Completo e pronto a navigare. Molte parti sono aggiornate alla versione 2. Poly – cotton hard wearing material. Grey to help with thermal control. Side-release buckles for fastening.

All Hyde Sails items are made to order and shipped from our loft in Cebu. We aim to make and ship orders within 1-weeks of orders placed. SailingBits – High performance sailing gear for racing sailors.

We offer a handfull of custom made components for the fastest boats on the water. Bowsprit for Mach moth , complete system ready to bolt on to the existing four bolts, includes telescopic wan and wand control lines, all reasy to fit and sail within a few minutes. Gearing adjustment is done at the top of the main foil – Requires the m2.