Gotthard tunnel traffic

Direzione Sud – meglio senza stress e code: qui potete controllare in ogni momento la situazione attuale al Gottardo. Gotthard Tunnel Traffic News. Best instant update on the traffic situation. TCS Verkehrsinfo: Qui trovate tutto ciò di cui avete bisogno per pianificare il vostro viaggio.

Informazioni sul traffico: Situazione odierna del traffico di cantone Uri.

Some waited hour and minutes. On the southern side of the tunnel queues stretched km, leaving motorists waiting around. I have done this route twice before and was never delayed. Is this a common occurrence? What causes the delays?

Should we go via the the Pass or Tunnel ? I hear there can be jams at the tunnel. Do you get trapped in traffic jams when leaving for the Pass?

Where exactly do you leave the Ato take the Pass. German Vocabulary you will need to know. In winter, many passes are closed. Driving conditions can be difficult on passes that remain open, like the Simplon Pass, Brünig Pass and Julier Pass.

Expect snow on the road. In some cases there are tunnels that remain open, or car-trains. Traffic flows through only one tunnel , which carries traffic both ways, with each direction allocated one lane. With a route length of 57.

It lies at the heart of the . Regardless, the tunnel was closed for months as engineers looked at every aspect of the infrastructure. To alleviate some of the tunnel traffic crisis, the Swiss federal railways . Part of the reason for the heavy traffic. Switzerland over the past eight months. Tunnel management – including operational management, traffic management and engineering management.

InterCity and EuroCity services have seen demand increase by . In particular, extra rail capacity is being made available for goods vehicles and cars.

The internet is changing every second and the events which influence site traffic are a changeable as the weather. We have just returned from an Italian holiday. We flew into Zurich and drove to Lake Como. We got stuck in a 2-hour stand-still traffic jam.

It was all because of lanes trying to merge into one at the start of the tunnel.