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B, making it the 34th largest exporter in the world. The most recent exports are led by Vehicle Parts which represent 9. Salve a tutti, ho da poco costituito una s. The country is a regional leader in multiple fields, such as IT and motor vehicle production. Its capital and largest city is Bucharest – the sixth largest city in the EU.

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EUR Million in March of . The Commercial Service provides US companies with services (fee-based) to locate interested buyers, . Information on agricultural trade barriers can be found at the following website: . However, there are several structural issues that affect demand for this equipment. The TARIC, described above, is available to help determine if a license is required for a particular product. Moreover, the EC maintains an export helpdesk with information on import restrictions of various products. European Commission – Import Restrictions.

Import Documentation The Single Administrative . According to the Master Transport.

This page is not yet available in English. Please refer to the French or Dutch version. Romania , in both the short and long term. Export Council is a national organizational structure, public-private nature, without legal personality, operating under the Ministry of Economy and aims to harmonize sectoral strategies, inter-regional and National Export Strategy and the establishment of objectives and priority in the export.

Iscriviti alla newsletter Sarai sempre aggiornato con le ultime notizie,eventi e nuovi prodotti emergenti. Below-average payment risk As a rule, EKF will cover risks associated with business transactions in the country. EKF will however in some cases impose special requirements on buyers over and above the ordinary minimum criteria for creditworthiness. We carry out your brand value within even the smallest detail, creating the optimum frame for the product exposition, the purchase experience, work functions and security. Also in the first eight months of the year, . My name is Cristian Mihai FAGADAR from Bucharest and legal representative of general trade agencies Euroagent and Euro Food Management.

On this territories we deliver market entry market services. Those markets held over from overall exports as well as from overall imports. As one of the two newest Accession. With a population of 21. GDP annual growth rate of 5. I temi principali trattati sono stati la . Components for pneumatic automation.

ROMANIA TRADE SUMMARY The U. Your veterinarian must obtain and update an EU Pet Passport for your pet.

In the period under review, shipments increased to almost all key destinations because . How much do the imports of sporting goods .