Cubigel compressor

The offer includes more than 5different models of compressors from ranges of 2. High quality hermetic condensing units with a wide range of options for most . Oil type: ISO VG ESTER. Power supply: 220V 50Hz. Extended range of compressors.

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Quick search for compressors alternatives for commercial refrigeration. Bad update Stops working as soon as try to type in the search field on my S7. This exciting new range of hermetic compressors and condensing units for the refrigeration industry are being added to the already comprehensive range of products offered by Metraclark. With more than years of . We offer a range of medium high back pressure cubigel compressors. In stock Fast delivery.

Commercial Refrigeration market. Either search by using the drop down box to the left or use the freeform search box above. R134a compressors compatible with R12.

See additional plumbing retrofit kits noted for older style units. Show other products from . Die bewegte Geschichte von Cubigel reicht über Jahre zurück. Vielen dürfte daher der Begriff Electrolux, bzw. Shop with confidence on eBay! Items in search.

Ltd is one of the largest compressor manufactures, specialized in RD and producing various compressors, which can be used by refrigerator, freezer, water dispenser, ice machine and other refrigeration appliances. The headquarter is located in porcelain city . Star rating Read all Reviews Write a Review. Logo_cubigel_by_huayi_ok. COMPRESSORE MOTORE FRIGORIFERO ACC.

Семейство компрессоров. Компрессорно- конденсаторные агрегаты. High Efficiency Ranges. Natural Refrigerants and Environment.

The advanced design of the Small L and B Ranges offers to the market the best option with a wide range of . ACC GL TB-SA hermetische compressor 230V . Compressors for mobile applications.